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A black stallion to match the black cattle!  The beginning of a tradition that lives on today…

It turned out the Morgan breed John Warner had chosen made for a good staying horse, rugged and tough enough to cover the miles of Kansas prairie where his cattle roamed.  He and his wife Ruby put a lot of thought into developing a fine cow horse that could do the work on the ranch as well as provide a pleasurable ride in the process.  Registered Morgans with the WAR prefix are still bred and used on the ranch today and have made good mounts for others around the country. 

 Hope you enjoy this walk back through a part of Morgan history!  On behalf of all of us here at the ranch- Marcella Warner Holman and John Holman, Ann Warner, Elaine Warner Pohlman, Colan and Kayla Kellogg and Jeb Buller- we welcome you to stop in and visit!

The story of the Warner Angus Ranch Morgans was told in an article by Elaine Warner Pohlman that appeared in the March 1999 issue of THE MORGAN HORSE magazine. Click here to read the article in its entirety (PDF format).

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DUCET (Doak's Golddust, by Winterset x Coney, by Winterset), 1944 black stallion. Ducet was the first registered Morgan at WAR. His lines carry on in the WAR herd through his daughter, Duchezanne (x Annie S Sentney). Ruby Warner is riding the stallion in the first picture. In the header picture at the top of this page, Ducet is on the left; in the center is Bert Lee (Allen Lee x Bekky Stark) with then-9 year old Elaine Warner Pohlman up; and on the right is Billy Lee (Allen Lee x Bekky Stark). It was taken at a parade in 1951.

BIRD S SENTNEY (Red Correll x Luellen), a 1944 black mare, who along with her 1948 daughter Annie S Sentney (by Juzan) became the first registered Morgan mares at the ranch.

TOP FLIGHT (Flyhawk x Sentola), f. 1948, black stallion. Purchased from Helen Brunk Greenwalt in 1958. Notes written by John Warner. Willis Warner riding.

DUCHEZANNE (Ducet x Annie S Sentney). 1952 black mare.

UTOSCA (Top Flight x Duchezanne), 1960 black mare.

YAKIMA HAWK (Top Flight x Bird S Sentney), 1965 chestnut stallion. Until recently, he was the only chestnut horse used in the breeding program at WAR. Color picture shows Elaine Warner Polhman up. Sire of the mare Kara Kazan (out of Kara Rum).

KARA KAZAN (Yakima Hawk x Kara Rum), 1971 black mare.

LIKE A BIRD (Top Flight x Bird S Sentney) 1963 black stallion. Daughters Kara Rum and WAR Tosca Tola are found in the pedigrees of today's WAR Morgans. His son Apollo Bird is in the pedigree of the sport horse stallion DJJJ Ebony Gold.

APOLLO BIRD (Like A Bird x Bird S Sentney), 1968 black stallion.

WESTERN MANSFIELD (Jody's Ace of Spades x Miranda Brady), f. 1969 black stallion. Pictured above left with Jack Warner up and in the center picture with Loretta Glover up.

GOLDDUST MINER MC (MC Jesse Lee x PFH Dannielle), 1978 black stallion. His grand daughter WAR Dance Talent is a member of the current WAR broodmare band.

WAR OMEGA BIRD (Western Mansfield x Bird S Sentney), f. 1972 black stallion. Pictured above right with John and Ruby Warner.

WAR MONZDA (Western Mansfield x DD's Dina Belle), f. 1981 black stallion.

CODY DELIGHT (Colonel Mac Marlm x Apollo's June Anna) , 1985 black stallion, with Jack Warner up. He is the sire of 2 of the mares in the current WAR broodmare band, WAR Codana and WAR Cosca Dero, and grandsire of another, WAR Cotanna.

RIMLO BLACK TALENT (Rimlo Night Hawk x Rimlo Black Suzette), 1978 black stallion. Sire of WAR Taladan; Rimlo Black Pepper; WAR Black Aris and WAR Dance Talent, in the current WAR broodmare band, amongst others.

A WARNER FAMILY ALBUM (click to enlarge)

Ruby Warner with WAR Flight Bird  

Willis Warner on Top Flight, second from left

Lineup at old rodeo grounds: Left to Right: Duchezanne, Petre Pan, Ranger, Cheyenne, Billy Lee, Apache, unknown, Bert Lee, Comanche, unknown, Bird S. Sentney. Comanche was a Morgan cross raised by Ruby (Johnson) Warner on a bottle and let into the Johnson house when a foal, as the story goes.

Ruby Warner with her granddaughters  

Lineup, 2009

Willis Warner on Lochinvar Hawk

WAR Regalbird (WAR Omega Bird x WAR Leawana) at age 30, with Ruby and John Warner's great granddaughter Marissa Walker. She claimed Regalbird from the time she could ride, and absolutely loved him. This picture was taken after a parade that she rode him in! He was a really big horse, making her look especially small! This was in 2008; we lost Regalbird the summer of 2011 at 33 years old. He was such a gentle horse with the little kids, and also was a grand baby sitter for weaning foals.

WAR Regalbird at age 32


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