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Here are some snapshots of the Morgans here at Warner Angus Ranch and Black Diamond Angus Ranch doing what they were bred to do! We ride rain or shine, wind or not! They are an absolutely vital part of our cattle operation and we couldn't get it done without them! Please enjoy browsing through these photos from the last couple of years... and make plans to come join us on a ride!

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Getting ready to join the drive! Sometimes you have to go in after the cow! Crossing the creeks is always fun! The Sawlog, the Eight Mile and the Five Mile
run through the ranch.

Someone always has to hold the horses while the others fix the fence!

No log is too high for a WAR Morgan to get across! Photo taken at the old windmill tower standing at the original
 homestead site of WB Warner.
Checking the calving cows.
So amazing to see the new ones even after all these years!
Checking cattle is done rain or shine!!

The little calves are so curious! Everyone takes their turn getting a leg up until they are tall enough to get on alone! The last quarter mile push to the water tank after a 4 mile trek! Sometimes the fog rolls in while we are gathering cows...

This little guy sure looks like he's enjoying that milk! Kathleen Warner lived on the East Coast for over 30 years and still prefers her English saddle! Green grass gather. Life giving windmills are vital to cattle on the plains.

Something special about the Kansas plains and sky!

Still getting used to the "off color" ones around here, but find they
 work just as hard!

Sometimes the sun goes
down a little too soon!

First rain shower these two-yr-olds ever encountered under saddle. Weren't sure about it at first but took it in stride. Didn't take them long  to "roll it off" when they got home! A horse of another color....

Sometimes a cow just isn't in the mood to be interrupted! Marcella giving instructions as usual! My second in command "riding shotgun"! The "crew" patiently waiting till the cattle are ready to go back to pasture. Moving some newly weaned calves to the start of their independent lives!
Derawnda Zeus WAR Talassy (Molly) and WAR Adagio (Dolly), Training Resources, TX (T-Bone Lad Classy x WAR Toscatal and WAR Black Aris) 2013 mares
WAR Lad Kansy
J&S Rebein Farms, KS
(T-Bone Lad Classy x WAR Le Pukancy)
2013 gelding

WAR Quanah,
Hedgefield Farm, IL
(Quantum Midnight Magic x WAR Cotana)
2016 gelding


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